A Halloween Collar for pennies.

I was rummaging through the closet the other night and discovered some Halloween ribbon left over from making bows in my dog groomer days.So I decided to make Jazz a Halloween collar because she does not like to wear costumes for Halloween (unlike Puff who will do anything for attention).

Using 1/4 inch braided elastic I loosely measured her neck and then knotted the ends. Cutting strips varying somewhat in length but approximately 4.5 inches long,and looping the ribbon end to end I secured it onto the elastic by looping it overhand and pulling the ensuing knot tightly.I found varying the length slightly gives it a more ruffled appearance.I used an orange Happy Halloween ribbon and a black sheer slightly glittery ribbon for contrast. You could add sequins, glitter or spangles but I prefer not to if the dog could swallow them. That depends on your dog.Some eat everything in sight and some would not consider it.

I have also made this collar style using curling ribbon typically sold for gift wrap and it is particularly festive. You know how expensive holiday collars are in the stores.If you don't have any ribbon, craft stores have Halloween ribbon on sale now. This collar took 12 yards and my local craft shop has 6 yard rolls on sale for one dollar.

Happy Howl-o-ween!