Help for Hotspots and Spider Bites

I apologize for the above photo, but I want you to look closely at Puff, who is hiding under this table.You will see that under his neck is an ugly oozing wound.That is from a Brown Recluse bite.
One night I awoke to the sound of his labored breathing.His skin all over was bright red and he appeared poised to go into anaphalactic shock.
A trip to the emergency clinic would take time and he needed help right then. I reached for my favorite emergency med, Bach Rescue Remedy, gave him a dose ( four drops) and awaited a minute for him to begin to relax. His skin was so red, I begrudgingly gave him prednisone,(kept only for emergencies, I don't like to use any steroids)and then tried to figure out what caused this severe allergic reaction.
A close inspection revealed a tiny, tiny bite,on his throat. I figured it was a spider bite and also gave him colloidal silver 250 ppm, which some people claim can neutralize poison from spider bites.
As everything took effect he began to be much better.
The next day he seemed fine except the tiny bite was now the size of a mosquito bite.
Over the next few days the area around the bite got a purpley red and then it started to die.
His skin began to rot off from the Recluse bite.Look again at the photo, you can see a fifty cent sized black rotten hole with tissue fluids dripping down the front of his was nasty.My pristine little dog was a mess, and totally stressed out by this.He received daily washings in Hibiclens to help with the stench and any secondary bacterial infections.However what really saved him was a non veterinary product called Dermacyn.This wound cleanser is amazing.It debrides the wound and brings oxygen to the area allowing the body to heal itself. His spider bite stopped sloughing off and began to heal with the very first application.
Many dogs have amputations done after a Recluse bite but Puff's bite was in a location that an amputation couldn't be performed.I believe the Dermacyn may have saved his life. The wound healed completely and the coat grew back with no change in color or texture.
I shared this story because it is now spring and spider bites are at their highest this time of year.
Recluse in particular like to hide in old garden sheds and bales of hay and mulch.
Hot spots become common this time of year also and Dermacyn is fabulous on hot spots. It won't prevent them but if your dog has one, it will begin to heal right away, be sure you leave the skin wet for at least 20 minutes for it to work.
It is also great to use on ear flaps that get that thick, red, cracked allergic reaction we see sometimes.It is non- greasy and is basically super oxidized water so it doesn't make any mess.
It is a human product but your vet can write you a prescription,it can be purchased online for about $15.00 dollars a bottle.
Horse show people use Veteracyn by the same company but it is more expensive and hard to find.
I hope you never need to use it but if you do you will love it.
Happy Tails!