Doggie Dragon Breath? The Best Way to Brush Teeth

Do people run when your dog gets close? Do you wrinkle your nose when you get a dog kiss? Do you apologize for your dogs bad breath even though you spend a fortune on those greenie things?

Doggie dragon breath can be caused by a number of factors.The most obvious of course is YOU DON"T CLEAN HIS TEETH! I know how expensive teeth cleaning can be and you also have to worry about the safety of the anesthesia on top of the expense. If you brushed your dogs teeth regularly you might never have to have a professional cleaning done. A lot of it depends on the dogs jaw and teeth structure. Some breeds like Pekes harbor more food particles lodged between their teeth than a longer muzzled breed like a Siberian Husky. But all dogs can benefit from good dental care. I was amazed this week when I went to the pet store and saw how many products there are to help you brush your dogs teeth.You don't need all that stuff!

The best way to brush teeth is to take some loosely woven gauze, either a 2x2 or 4x4 square or even a bit of gauze bandage and wrap it around your finger. If you have a small dog you may have to wrap your pinky. Dampen the gauze with a bit of water and then gently lift the side of your dogs' lip (called the flew) and begin to rub. It will take a little getting used to but in no time you will be able to rub the gauze all over the teeth (and of course you will be praising your dog while you do this). The back molars are the worst culprits for developing tartar so be sure and get that area really well.
If your dogs teeth are already funky, sorry, you will have to have a dental cleaning done.But afterwards you can start brushing so that you won't have to have another for a very long time.
Some people have asked if I am against using a toothbrush and I am not, but I find a lot of dogs prefer the gauze method and it is so easy because you can literally feel what part of the teeth you are reaching.I use this method on my cat too. He is 17 yrs old and has not one bit of tartar on his teeth.

If your dog has pearly whites and still he has bad breath there are a lot of causes. Worms are a common one. Those nasty parasites produce toxins in the intestinal tract and the odor can back up through the gastric system.
A diet that doesn't suit your dog is another...even if you feed the most expensive, highly rated dog food in the world, it still may contain ingredients that don't agree with your pal. I find foods that contain peanuts,corn or soybean hulls to be particularly suspect. Some of the so-called top packaged foods contain these ingredients, but it could be a number of ingredients or even the preservatives or pesticide residue on the grains.My point is, change the diet and see if there is a change in the bad breath....
Some dogs just need some extra digestive enzymes added to their diet like Missing Link or Prozyme, or lactobaccilus.
Another very common cause of bad breath is sinus drainage(again, a stomach issue). I honestly don't have a remedy for that other than add some slippery elm tree bark flour to the diet as it helps get the mucous out of the system. You can't give your dog Claritin...
....but you can make sure he has proper bones to chew on.Large baked beef bones that won't splinter will help clean teeth and develop strong jaws that in turn help prevent tooth loss. I have noticed that dogs who have a lot of sinus problems seem to lose their teeth earlier than those who don't.
Oh and one last thing.You don't have to brush your dogs teeth after every meal... but every day would be a good idea.
Happy Tails!