Saving Money on Nail Trims

Currently in my area,a nail trim cost ten dollars. If you have that done every two weeks ( as you should) that is two hundred forty dollars a year!
Even if you only have it done monthly, that is still a hunk of change.
If your dogs' nails are being trimmed less than that, then SHAME ON YOU.Long nails contribute to foot and back problems.
Oh, did I just hear you say your dog goes beserk when you try to trim his nails? I once had an Afghan Hound who would leave the room if I even thought of nail clippers. I am not kidding, just the mere thought was enough to make her hide.Bribery worked best on her.But for some dogs, bribery isn't enough. It is really important when your dog is young to get him used to having his feet handled.
Some dogs are so bad they have to be laid on their side with someone holding the bottom two legs while another person gives the top two a nail trim.I hope yours isn't one of those but it does work.
I especially like nail grinders.Those dremel tool type gadgets are the tool of choice for dog show people.If your dog has hairy feet you must use caution with these as the hair can wrap around it. I use a nylon stocking with the nails poked through to keep the stray hairs at bay.
Fellow dog enthusiast Suzie has generously provided the nail photo above and gives a
great description of the proper way to trim a nail:

Small nails use people finger nail clippers. Larger dogs get some dog nail clippers.

Clear/White Nails - Look closely and you can see the quick. Pink part in the nail and you will see it end, so cut to right before that.

Dark nails - Cut small amounts at a time then look into the tip of the nail. When you start to see a black center that is the quick. When you see it stop.

The more frequent you cut long nails will help push the quick back.

If you do quick the nail and it begins to bleed:
apply cornstarch or flour and press onto the tip of the affected nail after wiping away the blood,
you can press the affected nail into a bar of mild soap,for minor problems, simply applying pressure to the tip of the nail may be effective.

Thanks Suzie! This will really help first timers get those nails trimmed.

Also don't forget to trim the dew claws. Those are the nails that grow on the inside of the pastern or ankle of your dog.Dew claws are especially prone to hanging on things and tearing when they get long, resulting in an unwanted vet bill.
One last thing, if you have your dog groomed on a regular basis, ask your groomer if he or she will discount your grooming charge a few dollars if you trim the nails never hurts to ask.
Until next post, happy tails.