My Canine Emergency Kit

Just a couple of hours ago I was walking down the sidewalk in my neighborhood when I heard someone scream "Brownie, come here!"followed immediately by "Brownie, NO!!!"

I knew before I had ever finished turning around that 'Brownie,no' meant Brownie was running in front of a car,and as I turned saw it wasn't just a car but a large, very large pick up truck and Brownie was going to get hit.

I waved my arms wildly at the driver ,commanded "Brownie, down" and ran out in front of the truck which was slowing now ( he couldn't see the dog, just some nutty woman waving her arms)I grabbed the dog by his collar,and got covered in dog kisses by a dog I had never met before , but nary a thank you from his owner.I think she just forgot to say thank you. After all few things are worse than seeing your dog run in front of a vehicle.

This got me thinking about emergencies,large or small and was my canine emergency kit stocked.

I keep various emergency items around depending on what my doggy situation is at the time. But some items never change.Here are the things I am never without.

1.Colloidal Silver

(specifically 250 ppm made by Silver Wings)

CS is good for so many ailments I don't know where to begin. Cuts,scrapes,eye infections,abcesses,viruses,spider bites,I have used it for all of those things with good results.

2.Slippery Elm Tree Bark Powder

This yummy smelling herb helps eliminate mucous out of the dogs system and is especially effective when my dogs have had loose stool,or sinus troubles. I believe it has detoxifing properties and by eliminating excess mucous makes it more difficult for worms to invade the system.So I feed it periodically just as a detoxifier also.

3.Silver Nitrate sticks

Silver Nitrate stops bleeding such as a broken nail, or for those of you who quick your dogs nails sometimes, this stops bleeding fast.Much faster than those blood stop powders.By the way, if you don't have anything at all to stop a bleeding nail, flour works, as does the end of a match. (unlit)


A bottle of saline in case a foreign body needs flushing out of my dog's eye.

5.Vet Wrap

Vet Wrap is a self adhesive bandage and you NEVER know when you might need one.I keep gauze pads and a roll of gauze as well blunt nosed bandage scissors in my kit too.If your pet store doesn't carry it you can get Conform or Kling bandage at most drugstores.

6.Small scissors with rounded ends.

I use these for when a dog has gotten wrapped up in something he shouldn't have and I need to cut the coat in a hurry without cutting a nervous dog. A briar or bramble for example that has wound itself around private parts.(Not to be confused with dogs coats that are in need of proper grooming)

7.Bach Rescue Remedy

I usually have at least 3 bottles of this around. One in the emergency kit, one in the kitchen cabinet, and one in my purse. I love this product. It really does relax the dog. My dog Puff is epileptic and used to have horrible Gran Mal seizures every week or more. Having been around dogs on pheno I really didn't want to go that route as I believe it alters their personality and I don't like giving dogs drugs if I can avoid it.

Using it at the onset of a seizure lessened the severity and daily use made them less frequent. Now he only has them about twice a year instead of weekly...I have also used it on shy dogs with good success,over time they have become more confident because they are more relaxed. I once rescued a whippet who had been rescued 3 times and always returned to the rescue group because she totally freaked out in thunderstorms.She responded really well to the rescue remedy.I have heard reports of it being used to prevent dogs from going into shock after an accident, and have never had to use it for that on a dog,but did use it on my neighbors parrot who suffered terrible multiple injuries from a child with a baseball bat (and birds go into shock SO easily). The vet was impressed. ( The parrot survived her injuries and healed without incident except the owner went on a cruise and I had to take care of her).


For washing out wounds and getting blood out of the coat, the carpet, your clothes etc.

9.A nylon stocking.

For making a soft muzzle because even the sweetest dog can bite you when in pain.Wrap it over the muzzle, cross it at the throatlatch and tie behind the ears. I never leave a dog alone with this or any type muzzle on. If you don't have access to a stocking, you can use a roll of gauze.

If you are away from home and witness a dog being injured and try to help it, please use something to muzzle the dog, a belt, the strap to your purse,something, because chances are you will get bit.

Luckily, today Brownie didn't need any emergency measures....

Until next post, happy tails everyone!