Chemical Exposures

When I was a vet tech, I was surprised to learn that dogs developed cancer more often per capita than humans.How could that be, I wondered. Dogs don't drink, smoke,or eat fast food like we do(o.k. some dogs do).Surely it wasn't genetics as dogs are so genetically diverse.Yes some canine family trees are more prone to develop cancer than others just as human families do but that still didn't explain the high incidence of cancer...
The truth is we expose our dogs(and ourselves) to a lot more chemicals than you may be aware of.Floor wax for example contains a plethora of toxic chemicals and unlike you, the dog lays on the floor.The same for synthetic carpet, carpet backing even the glues used on vinyl flooring and the vinyl flooring itself is made from petrochemicals.
Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is often made from fiberboard which releases formaldehyde gas.The furniture you bought at the fancy showroom may contain formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia and more.Wood preservatives and carpet chemicals are leading causes of allergies in dogs.
If that wasn't enough, flea products contain nerve damaging chemicals and vaccines contain among other things, aluminum.Several years ago Cornell University did a study on cats which proved cancer could develop from Rabies vaccine.
Vaccines also cause immunosuppression in dogs if given at the wrong time in the puppy's development.I ALWAYS ask the vet to run an antibody titer on puppies before giving them vaccinations!
The food you feed can contain toxic chemicals as well...bht and ethoxyquin are very common preservatives found in dog food that have been blamed by breeders and owners for a variety of problems.Ethoxyquin was developed by the Monsanto company as a rubber preservative in carpet backing.Would you eat that?
On the subject of food, what went into the meat that is in your dogs food while it was still alive?Growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides can be found in 4D meat commonly used in dog food. 4D stands for Dead -Dying-Diseased and Disabled.Many pet food companies would argue that those are the animals your dog would eat in the wild.Yes they would, but in a natural wild state the prey would not be full of artificial chemicals.
If you have ever read a can or bag of dog food you might have seen an ingredient called animal digest, meat digest, or just digest.
Digest is rotten meat thrown in a warm locker to rot even more, usually for about 3 months -then it is added to your dogs food to make it smell nice. I am serious.
With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing for humans and dogs alike,creating a more healthy environment by feeding a natural diet, using natural based, toxin free cleaners and green building materials can pay real dividends in the long run.
Happy tails everyone.
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