Rainy days and Dirty dogs

Are you the type who buys those instant pet wipes to clean your dog? Not only are they expensive but they generate more trash for the landfills.Buy a bottle of waterless shampoo and use a terry washcloth .It does a far better job and costs much ,much less.

Just dampen the washcloth and wipe down your dog.For extra dirty spots, spray him directly with the waterless shampoo and rub down with a towel. And whenever you have been out for a walk be sure to wipe down your dog because there are so many things they can pick up not only on their feet but the coat as well. Things like pesticide residue and motor oil.

In the winter keep a bottle by the door so you can clean those muddy paws before they come inside.Salt by the way, works well on carpet stains caused by muddy feet.Rub it in well, let sit for an hour then vacum up.And if Fido ran in and jumped on your antique cotton bedquilt, try hydrogen peroxode 3% to remove the muddy stain.

Until next post, happy tails to all.