Looking For Trouble

Once a day,give your dog a quick going over to look for potential trouble such as fleas and ticks, torn pads,strange lumps etc. That way you can take care of the issue before it escalates.Making this a daily habit will indeed save you money .

And always,always attend to the odd moment when your dog is doing something out of the norm!Chewing himself in one spot for example where you may find a wound,a hotspot forming, or a spider bite and can head off a potential money draining problem with quick action.

Shaking the head repeatedly can mean a foxtail or other debris has gotten in the ear or it could mean earmites-some breeds such as Cockers are very prone to ear infections and wet sloshy ear canals.

Dogs are worry -warts and if something is wrong they don't ignore it so be observant of your dog.

The best solution I have ever used to clean ears is a homemade one of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% rubbing alcohol.The apple cider vinegar helps maintain the ears natural ph and the alcohol helps dry up any excess moisture.Especially good to use after a bath or a swim.

Dampen a cotton ball and swab out the inside of the ear.Don't go down deeper than you can see.If you get a lot of dirt and wax out, keep swabbing until it is clean.

'Til next post,happy tails.