Dog People Reach Out to Help Veterans and the Needy Keep Their Dogs

We all know a major cause of dogs in rescue are from owner surrenders. Rarely are these surrenders caused by behavioral problems. Some are caused by moving and pet restrictions but the majority of surrenders are simply  "the owner can no longer afford to care for".
Recently board member Nancy Martin, shared with me work she is doing with F.I.D.O. Friends Involved Dog Outreach, a program based in Oregon.
Their goal is to keep beloved dogs in the homes by providing much needed food and supplies.
And they don't just help dog owners but cat owners as well with programs such as AniMeals, in conjunction with Senior Meals they are delivering pet food to seniors who receive home delivered meals.
They also have an established food bank and through another program known as VetsPets donate food to veterans, active military personnel and their families.
Anyone who qualifies for financial assistance including those on SSI can receive food from their food bank so their pets can stay in the home. Having to surrender your dog because you can't afford food is traumatic to both the dog and the people who love them. Recently the Santa Barbara Kennel Club has supported this program and support is always needed to keep important work like this afloat. You can follow them on Facebook and make a donation through their Facebook Page here-