The Dangers of Dog Dentals

For most dog owners, having your vet perform dental work cannot be avoided. Despite the millions of dollars spent on dental sticks, toothpaste and chew bones, most dogs undergo a dental complete with anesthesia several times in their lifetime. Occasionally, the dog doesn't wake from anesthesia but there are other dangers as well.
Small dogs are at risk of having their jaws broken or fractured when teeth are extracted. This happens far more than the veterinary world would like to admit. In addition, dogs can have their jaws dislocated and begin to suffer from TMJ due to having had a dental. A few, but not many, veterinarians will follow up a dental with xrays to be sure there has been no damage. And always make sure that you give all the antibiotics prescribed as bacteria can get into the bloodstream during a dental.
All that being said it makes having a dental pretty scary. But if you don't, the repercussions are even worse. Some people give raw bones to help prevent tartar but too many raw bones wear down the tooth enamel and cause teeth to crack. So my suggestion is to adopt a good dental routine and stick with it. And have your dogs teeth professionally scaled at least once a year. If there is not much tartar to deal with the vet can sometimes do this with no anesthesia..just remember that after tooth extractions to watch your dog closely the next few months for signs of discomfort.