Give Your Dog a Relaxing Massage

Dogs benefit from massage and I have been using massage for years as a means of developing a sense of well being in all of mine. Whether a show dog, a rescue or a very spoiled household member, dogs suffer stress for the sheer fact that we force them to live in an unnatural environment. From my other blog Nirvana Dog, here is a cross post for a simple Relaxation Massage:

Think your dog doesn't have worries?Your dog is hardwired to always be on his guard and aware of his surroundings.Ever notice how he will lie quietly in the same room while you watch TV or work on the computer and his eyes will be open watching you? Dogs rarely let their guard down.My dogs have always appreciated a relaxation massage and I know your dog will too.

Simply ask your dog to lie on his side and lightly spray on lavender coat spray( 30 drops organic lavender essential oil, 1 oz. vodka, 8 oz. spring water).Using the tips of your fingers,massage in little circles going in the direction toward the heart.Just like in people, massage helps the canine lymphatic system and it is a great time for you to have a little quiet and center yourself as well. It is that easy and your dog will love it!