As we are experiencing record heat I have been getting out extra early while the temperature is still reasonable to give Puff his long morning walk.
I usually stumble outside around 5:15 or 5:30 a.m. Half asleep and rarely clothing co-ordinated, after all, who else would I see that early in the morning?
You can imagine my surprise recently when a neighbor was hanging around
outside of my place hoping for a chance to ask me for help with her dog....
She has a sweet little hyper terrier rescue named Fatima and has been working with a professional trainer for the past six months. She has been doing very well except for one thing...
... Fatima always goes crazy when they approached people,and if the other person has a dog in tow, forget it, Fatima would be completely out of control, jumping, leaping, twisting and barking. Fatima was very exuberant, to say the least. Because we live in the city, walking is an important part of our dog care regiment.
She had noticed that Puff, who is a ball of energy himself, always sat when we met people on a walk. He sits quietly for the duration of any conversation, WITHOUT being told, so she decided to ask me the secret.
For starters I said, stop approaching nature, or for that matter even at the dog park, one dog approaches, and the other dog stands still waiting to be approached.
Stop walking when you see another person approaching, let them come to you. Stand straight, put your dog in a sit and tone down the way you greet the person. In the beginning, ask them if possible. to speak to you and to ignore the dog.
After a minute or two of conversation, if your dog has remained in a sit, let the person pet your dog. It won't be long before your dog will learn that he will only receive the attention he desires by remaining quiet.
In Fatima's case, she was a happy younger dog who never met a stranger, other dogs may have deeper rooted issues that would require a slightly different approach, but for most dogs, this technique works wonders. It has certainly worked for every dog I have used it on, including my old Standard Poodle rescue who was our citys' Historic Neighborhood Associations' inspiration for the Good Dog Neighbor Award....
If you have a dog who prefers to jump and wriggle when people approach,try this, you may be very pleased with the results.