A Puppys' Own Angel

A few weeks ago, I ran into a woman coming out of the vets' office with a tiny pup wrapped in blanket, only his little black nose exposed. Few things bring us more smiles than a new puppy. I had to stop so I could ooh and ahh over him.
The pups' caretaker, Tea, was most obliging to let me see him, but nothing could have prepared me for the shock under that blanket...
The pup, a mostly Great Pyrenees and Collie mix was found in a remote location in a creek bed with his dead littermates. He had laid so long in the damp creekbed that yeast had run rampant all over his body...he had gone no telling how long with out food, water or warmth. No one will ever know if the litter was being moved by his mother or abandoned by humans and left to die.
I have seen a lot of horror rescuing dogs. I have seen them burned, beaten, starved and even skinned alive and left to die. But nothing prepared me for what I felt touching this pups' body...the yeast had built up into a scaly oozing mass of rough yellow funk all over him. Touching his shoulder, I was shocked that he had absolutely no muscle mass left, you could feel every detail of his shoulder blade, even under the funky skin. And his skin was drawn so tightly over his bones it seemed as if his skin would split open at any moment. Tea said he was blind and they were going to take him day by day. If he wasn't improved by Friday (it was Wednesday) he would be euthanized. The vet had done bloodwork that would soon tell them the condition he was in.
Instinctively, I applied animal Reiki and knew that this pup was surrounded by compassionate souls watching out for him. He obviously was part of a plan to bring lessons and love to those who came in contact with him. Already he had touched many people...
I praised Tea for her devotion and suggested she switch him from evaporated cows milk to goat milk with slippery elm powder as the goat milk is almost identical to his mothers milk ...something he obviously had been without and the slippery elm powder would help his tiny body cope with the toxins from the drugs and meds he was having to take.. I felt he would live and develop his eyesight once he had the proper nutrition. It appeared to me that he hadn't 'gone blind' he simply had not developed his vision yet. New born pups can't see either and require plenty of nutrition for their eyesight to develop.... He probably layed in that creekbed several weeks, not days, and he should have died from hypothermia and starvation...the odds of his survival were impossible,yet here he was.
When his bloodwork cameback, the vet saw he was too far gone to survive and called Tea to tell her the bad news. It seemed a given that he would be euthanized. Tea told him I said he would live. I know in her heart she knew he would live too.
And what a grand day it was Monday when I got to see him again!! He is up to three lbs. And he has his eyesight.When Tea set him down he ran all over the place with enthusiasm. The treatment for the yeast infection lowered his immune system to the point he then developed a mange outbreak, sounds crazy but the mange looked much more comfortable for him than the yeast infection did. He has a new name, Mason, and right now looks proportionately to be about four or five weeks old, when in fact he is twelve weeks. I am certain that with Tea and her familys' loving care he will be up to speed in no time. They have sacrificed so much time(feeding was every two hours at one point) and money ( daily trips to the vet) that I cannot commend them enough. Tea is one of those people who has a very active family life, yet she found the time to help.
Mason looks like a little Angel, but it is Tea who is the Angel here. Her dedication to make sure this little guy had a chance at life is inspiring indeed.
I will keep you posted on Mason's progress...