This is Why I Oppose Dog Limit Ordinances

Below is an ad that is running on Craigslist attempting to place two dogs that must be gotten rid of because of an ordinance limiting the number of dogs one can have.

You may not be aware of this but the majority of such ordinances are instigated by those animal rights activists who actually don't want us to own dogs...such as pEta. A few are instigated by well meaning, but stupid organizations who believe it will stop puppy millers.

I have said this a hundred times but it always bears repeating.....puppy millers will find a way to breed dogs. Only by not buying dogs from puppy millers will they be stopped...these ordinances create more homeless dogs and often affect responsible breeders as well.

There are enough limitations on our ability to keep dogs as it is....

WE DON"T NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is the ad:

i am looking to rehome a sweet pair of pekingese. they are akc/shots/ 3 and 4 years old. unaltered.they are passing an ordinance limiting the number of dogs so they gotta go.there is a rehoming fee of $150 for the both.