Flavored Freezer Pops for Pups

When we traveled extensively in summer to dog shows we often took this summer treat along to help cool off the dogs. Souxsie, pictured above, especially liked them. With the weather turning really hot now I thought I would share this with you....
Using low sodium or preferably, sodium free chicken broth,diluted way down with water or unflavored Pedialyte, pour into an old fashioned ice cube tray and freeze until ready to give to your dog.
That's it,really simple, and really fun for your dog on a hot summer day. I only give one cube at a time.
If you are not sure how much to dilute the chicken broth, remember that chicken broth is very rich and can cause some dogs to have a runny stool. For a large dog I use a teaspoon per cube but you will need to use your best judgement as you know what your dog can tolerate. Your dog will still know the chicken broth is in the cube as dogs can smell down to one part per 700 billion. Turkey or beef broth, even lamb, can be substituted. Just be sure you are not giving them a heavily salted broth. And no MSG!
Pedialyte, if you choose to use it, is wonderful for restoring electrolytes lost in the stress of summer heat. (With your vets' APPROVAL, it is also great for dogs waking up from anesthesia, or an illness like parvo when they have trouble keeping water down).
Dogs seem to enjoy chasing the ice cube around their bowl and the cost of course, is mere pennies...