Caution! Fun in the Plastic Puppy Pool

Puppies and grown dogs alike have a blast cooling off on a hot summer day in a plastic wading pool.My local Pet Superstore is currently selling them priced under ten dollars...that price even beats Walmart.
However before you rush out to buy one, let me share what I learned the hard way, that your pup can get injured in them! The pup facing the camera in the above picture(Champion Petra's Beckonwind Barbarian) cut himself severely on the lip of the pool shortly after this pic was taken, and it required a trip to the vet for stitches. A double layer of duct tape will eliminate the sharp edge on the pool. Also the bottom of the pool is very slick, even though it is ridged, so I recommend putting a bathtub mat in the bottom to give your pup proper traction.
Because Giardia is a protozoa that grows in stagnant water, be sure you change the water in the pool each day. Giardia causes loose stool, sometimes very severely in dogs.
With the summer sun bearing down on us soon, don't overlook using a sunscreen on your dog,especially if you have a Collie type or a Sighthound as they are very prone to a skin cancer condition commonly referred to as Collie Nose. Many dogs, including Puff, have a tiny bit of pink skin right behind their black nose pigment and this little bit of skin is very,very prone to skin cancer. I use a dot of zinc oxide rubbed in well on Puff. There are sunscreens available for dogs that you can buy that are non-toxic.
This weekend is the unofficial start of summer, so let's get splashing!