Horse Thieves, Obama and Animal Extremists

I once stole a horse.
My senior year in high school I was concerned about a horse living on abandoned property. The home had been abandoned so long, vandals had destroyed it. I began to go by every day, no one else ever came by to check on the horse and he was in poor condition. There was no local humane association and local laws had not yet been passed that could bring in the authorities. I decided the old gelding needed a new home....
I enlisted the help of the class president and the football team captain. We borrowed a horse trailer and the guys brought wire clippers. I brought the halter and lead rope. I haltered the horse while the guys snipped the barbed wire. Just before dawn,we loaded the horse and hauled him to his new home, a family who had offered a beautiful small barn next to their home with lots of pasture to graze and run on and people to watch over him every day.
The old horse settled into his new home and the three of us felt we did the right thing as we watched him gain weight and his coat bloom.
Then we got caught....
Many months later, my father informs me he had received a phone call from the principal of a high school across town. It seems, he told my dad, that I had been involved with stealing his horse. Rumors had circulated at his high school implicating me. I confessed that I had but I insisted that I only got involved because the horse was so neglected. My father,knowing my great compassion for animals, drove me to the principals' house and had me confess to him as well. I pointed out the horse was in bad condition, and that it had been months before the owner was aware that his horse was missing. He could have been tangled in the barbed wire fence and left to die for all that principal knew. Animals must be looked after I insisted, and this one was now well looked after in his new home.
My father, ever the diplomat, suggested that since the horse was in fine condition, was well fed, and had been vetted, that the matter should be dropped because if charges were placed it would become publicly known that the horse was badly neglected by the high school principal. In addition, the football team captain and the class president did not need criminal charges against them as it could badly damage their fine reputations. The principal agreed...
A few years later I was living in Washington D. C. and my friend Pat was crawling on her belly cutting fences to release lab animals for the Peta army. Pat severed her association with Peta when one night, after breaking into a lab and freeing animals, a large commercial type truck pulled up into the field, supposedly to carry the animals to safety. But, she told me, it was a euthanasia clinic on wheels...
Most of us who have worked in the pet rescue world know that Peta's purpose is not to find a home for that cute Beagle being experimented on. And we also know that Peta preys on the compassion of animal lovers for funds. Back in the 1990's, HSUS made no bones ( pun intended) about being an appendage of Peta. They are as similar as the Russian Prime Minister and the Russian President,but what I did not know until recently reading the blog,' The Endangered Owner', (see my list of faves)was that HSLF was an appendage of HSUS.
When Barack Obama ran for office, I was thrilled at his humaneness. I supported his positions in regard to animal welfare. But now I worry. I recently learned that his campaign accepted funds from HSLF...The above photo is from their website. And is originally from Jana Kohl's book, 'A Rare Breed of Love'.
I don't want to see Obama become a puppet of puppy killers. And don't forget that Peta's Pet Person of the Year is his good friend Oprah.
When I liberated that old gelding, I enlisted the help of two admired classmates, the class PRESIDENT and the popular football team captain. Since I was the goth/hippie chick in school I wasn't exactly hanging out with these guys but I knew if they helped me it would be easier for adults to accept what I did...and I was right.
It seems that Peta/ HSUS/HSLF has the same idea.... Not only does HSLF support Obama but apparently they also support his appointment to the Secretary of Agriculture position as well, is that coincidence? I worry about the new associations between our government and Peta/HSUS.
It appears to me that Peta/HSUS have used our own humaneness against us....again.