No Litter on the White House Lawn?

Yes we did hear President -elect Barack Obama say "no litter on the White House lawn" in his interview with ABC'S Barbara Walters Wednesday night. Wow, I bet he wishes he could take back that comment...doesn't he realize our tax dollars have paid for a White House kennel master in previous administrations? Will he eliminate that position in order to save operating costs at the White House?

Obama could follow in the footsteps of President Woodrow Wilson, who helped the White House save money by bringing in a flock of sheep to mow the lawn... and then he could solve the 'what puppy to get problem' and get a Sheepdog...maybe a Border Collie... (who could do double duty as an immigration advisor)...I suppose the sheep wouldn't work because then he would have even MORE litter on the White House lawn. (is there a lawn dilemma in Obama's future?)....well, at least the dog and the sheep would be a green alternative!!!!