Dog Art as an Investment

On the rare occasion any of us has any extra cash to spend, consider buying dog art as an investment. I often joke that I used to buy doggy T-shirts and bumper stickers but I moved up a notch...
The return of your investment may surprise you. The Vic Tor Afghan Hound oil painting in the picture above has been a part of my collection for a few years and it is now worth 100 times my purchase price. Yes I said 100 times.
The Japanese Spaniel oil painting is circa 1906 by William Ward. I purchased it for a mere pittance, under 50 dollars four years ago, and it is worth nearly 700 dollars now.
Both oils are in the original frames as framed by the artists themselves and that does contribute to the value.
You don't have to spend 50 dollars, you can spend 50 cents...the little porcelain pekingese with the 22kt best gold trim was a 50 cent flea market find and he would sell now for about 30 dollars.

I love Staffordshire Dogs. They are pricey. I mean really pricey.But they just keep going up in value.I do buy and sell antiques and the Staffordshire Dogs I have for sale currently are circa 1800's. But my personal ones are pictured above.They are mid 20th century from original English 19th century molds.These are inkwells and the prices are still reasonable but even 50 yr old Staffordshire Dogs are going up in price.Also look for unusual pieces at flea markets and estate sales that sellers may not recognize as valuable, like Staffordshire dog pitchers ( which I love to use as vases) or humidors.

Dog art would make a nice Valentines gift.

Until next post - Happy Tails.

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