A Big Dog Gets Betrayed

Some people think DOGS ARE DISPOSABLE.And people use my tax dollars to pay for this lie.
I was betrayed by a close friend today.Worse than that, her dog was betrayed by her.
My friend had a big clumsy 13 month old Mastiff mix named Hooch.At the time I write this,Hooch is at City Animal Control in a concrete and steel prison amoungst the city's worst cared for and neglected and diseased animals. SHE SAID SHE LOVED HIM.

I called her this morning to see if she wanted to take the dogs to the park.I first asked why she skipped her training class at the local pet store yesterday.She paid a hundred dollars or so for this class,it was week 3 and I had stopped by to encourage her and give some tips but she wasn't there.

She replied she didn't have him anymore...I went balistic...oh the lady at the dog pound said he wouldn't be euthanized for two weeks.Whoopee!Two weeks for Hooch to wonder where his mom is.
Mom is the keyword here.
Hooch posed no threat to anyone.Yes he was a big clumsy pup who had knocked her down and hurt her leg.But that was her own fault, not the dogs'. She knew he was going to be a big dog when he was just 14 weeks old.She put off proper training until he was big, and then her attempts to work with him were lame to say the least.
Anyone with a lick of sense knows a big dog requires proper training more so than a small dog.What gripes me is these same people complain when they have a problem...hello people!

YOU CREATED THE PROBLEM,NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The dog didn't do this, you did it. He is just being a dog.
Let me say this again...

It is your fault and now your dog is in emotional distress.
When I went off on her this morning, she said "please don't do this to me,I cried all night."
You cried all night? Why? Because you felt sorry for your dog?Or because you felt guilty that you wouldn't step up and face responsibility.

Don't people get it? Don't people have any sense of honor and responsibility?
The dog is the innocent victim here.
In all due respect,I suspect my friend would have never taken Hooch to the City Animal Control if she hadn't been spurred on by her insignificant other. They have been arguing about the dog for a while now. I have done animal rescue enough to recognize the subtle signs of a jealous other,some men don't want their women to love anything but them, which is a really really big pet peeve of mine.
If they chose to rehome Hooch then fine.But don't dump him at the city pound like a box of garbage. Her other sits home all day . I am sure he could have gone on the internet and helped rehome the dog,but he didn't. They could have posted him on with a picture showing his cute clumsy loveable self.They could have posted him locally on They could have taken him to a no kill facility.They could have let him stay in his very nice dog run and dog house until an adequate home was found.But they didn't.


but they didn't...
I am so fed up with people who say my spouse,partner, boyfriend, girlfriend,whoever and I fought over the dog..HELLO!
If you love each other, if they love you and you love them then you will work together to find a suitable solution to the problem.
If you can't control your dog or he has another problem that makes him difficult to live with, get professional help.Don't dump him at the pound,I resent you wasting my tax dollars and I resent your lack of compassion for another living creature.

As for Hooch, that dog trusted her.He was an intelligent, warm .trusting dog. Just two weeks ago I told her that he would make a great Canine Candystriper.I have trained more dogs than I can count. Hooch wasn't any harder to train than any other dog.His owners just couldn't be bothered.We live in such a throwaway world that even dogs are becoming the victims.
Dogs live for and respond to LOVE and TRUST and RESPECT...just like we do.But I can't respect a person who doesn't respect another living creature...especially when that creature is your own dog who loves you.

If you know someone who has a selfish other who complains about their dog-give them a copy of Karen Pryors' "Don't Shoot the Dog"


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