An Eco- Friendly Way to Do Pet Clean-Up

One thing I have learned in the dog world is that there is never just one answer to any problem, be it health,behavioral, grooming or housekeeping.
Recently I had the opportunity to try several of Sea Yu's 'Clean + Green 'products made to clean up the messes our pets create.

The products were, Clean + Green Furniture Refresher,Clean + Green Wood and Tile, and Clean + Green Carpet and Upholstery .
Being an antique freak, I was especially drawn to the Furniture Refresher. I can't use Febreze because I suffer from an environmental illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
Febreze makes me ill, and even if it didn't, I would be reluctant to use it as a veterinarian once told me it was suspect in the deaths of pet birds. And when you have antiques and buy lots of 100 year old fabrics, a safe furniture refresher that actually works would be incredible!

I first tried it on a damask dog bed that the dog and cat share. I don't wash it as much as I should because it is difficult to dry...I sprayed, waited, took a deep breath and was disappointed that I didn't smell anything. Then I realized that no smell was the point!!!! It is fragrance free and works on contact. I have sprayed it all over the place and just love it.

Now it was on to the Wood and Tile odor eliminator and stain remover.
Before our neighborhood association began neutering feral cats, they made it a point to spray my front door. And in our heat and humidity, you really know it.
Could this product eliminate years of feral cat spray from my front door? Yes, it seems it has. Give me a week of 100 degree temps and I might have to respray but for now the odor is gone.
The third product I wanted to try was the Carpet and Upholstery Odor Eliminator and Stain remover.
The only problem was...I had nothing to clean. I have never had housebreaking issues with my pets, ever. Not even thrown up hairballs on carpet or furniture.
Then I got a text message from a friend who said ugly things about her large dog who had just
eliminated in her van! It seems she let the dog ride in the van on a short trip ( I never leave a pet loose in a vehicle) and the dog peed and pooped all over the van when the owner got out...even in the vans' cup holders!!!And this is an older dog and you know that makes the odor much worse!
Most of the damage was on the upholstery, the passengers side door and the carpet in the rear of the van. Clean + Green took care of all of this and there has been no recurring odor so far.
I think this is pretty amazing. Also amazing is the fact that this is a VOC free product and NON TOXIC.
I wish more pet product manufacturers would pay attention to the chemicals they expose us to.
These products can be used in other ways as well. Your clothes closet, even your HVAC unit can benefit from their remarkable odor capturing ability.
They have a whole slew of products available for any pet clean-up situation so I encourage you to go to their website.http://www.sea-yu.com/
Chemicals can cripple and it really is important that we use SAFE and EFFECTIVE products around our families and our pets.
Clean + Green may not be the only answer in pet clean-up, but I firmly believe it is the BEST answer....