What Does the Trump Campaign Reveal About Dog Show and Rescue People?

The current political climate in America has revealed many surprises. For me, the most surprising is what comments from dog people reveal about who they are. We live in a world where abuse is common and has been for centuries.  Until modern times, torturing animals was still acceptable. And many rescue people work hard to take care of rescued abused animals. Responsible dog show people work hard to make sure their responsibly bred puppies never end up in an abusive situation.

So why are so many rescue and show people dismissing, Donald Trump's behavior regarding the hot mic video? What if he had said, "I can kick a dog anytime I want, dogs love me"? The whole country would be up in arms. But too many dog show and rescue people aren't up in arms because he wasn't talking about dogs. He was talking about women. And when people dismiss his words, they are in fact adding to the climate of abuse that exists in this country.
                      abuse is abuse, is abuse, is abuse. 

It doesn't matter if the abuse is mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or dog abuse.

Dismissing these comments made by a Presidential candidate says to the world that abuse is not an important issue.
Trump supporters can, and should call Trump out for his behavior and his words. They are the only people he will listen to, and it will send a strong message to those who are abusive. But they don't, and what exactly does that say about these people? Why do they profess to love dogs yet dismiss words that contribute to the climate of rape culture and abuse in all forms? Remember many of these people also say that Muslim immigrants will come and abuse our women and kill our dogs. They are concerned that immigrants will bring a rape and abuse culture why aren't they looking closer to home at the one that already exists?
I have my theories. Some people want to brush it under the rug. Especially women. Those women may have been abused either mentally or physically and blame themselves for it. Women are brought up to believe they must fit ideal standards. Standards that cause insecurity and abusers take advantage of those insecurities.
Or perhaps they witnessed abuse of a family member and stayed quiet about it and now guilt prevents them from speaking out. I say better late than never.
But what about the people who have never been close to abuse other than through dogs they have  rescued? Why are some of them disregarding Trumps ugly words? I expect that they are involved in rescue for reasons other than helping dogs selflessly and compassionately. I suspect they got involved purely to make them feel better about themselves, so they could show the world they are something they are not. And the same can be said for dog show people who refuse to admit that Trumps words contribute to the abusive climate in this country. We like to think dog show people get into the world of purebred dogs as caretakers of the breed they love. And many, many do it out of love for their breed. But many do it for personal adulation, to make themselves feel important. And it is obvious why they are attracted to a candidate like Donald Trump.

 Maybe you think women should be able to take care of themselves..but what about children, the disabled, and animals? Someone who disrespects and abuses women is far more likely to disrespect those even more helpless.
Trumps words on the hot mic video, and indeed other things he has said, only adds fuel to a problem that already exists. If you have stayed quiet about the words of Trump it is time for you to take a stand. Even if you plan to vote for him, do not condone his abusive words. Do not contribute through your silence to the abusive climate that exists in this country. Do not play down these words and say all men are that way, they aren't.
Do not make yourself appear a bigot to other people in the dog world..unless of course you are.